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All Bodies Conspiring

Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

23 January 17:00

A collective lecture exploring feminist and queer publishing using quotes and images sourced from the magazine's past, present and future.


Launch Issue #12 TV

TV Berlin

11 January 2020 21:00 – 3:00

Berlin! Join us for the new issue launch at TV, using the occasion to celebrate their first Dyke Night. Music by Nedalot, reading by our house wordsmith Hanne Lippard. Hope to see all you lovelies

Launch Issue #12 Tender Center

Tender Center Rotterdam

29 December 2019 16:00 – 20:00

Holidays and magazines coming your way in a gezellig combination. Here is your warm invitation to join us in celebrating independent feminist press and herstories from women of all genders.

Come and join us from 4 to 8 pm on the 29th of December to celebrate the Rotterdam launch of our 12th issue, themed BIOGRAPHY

This cosy Sunday afternoon affair will be in the company of velvet curtains, warming drinks and an excellent entourage


Launch Issue #12 Brussels

Bar Hotel L'Espérance, Bruxelles

15 December 2019 16:00-20:00

Come and join us to celebrate the launch of our 12th issue, themed BIOGRAPHY at Bar Hotel L'Espérance, Rue du Finistère 1, 1000 Bruxelles.

From 16 - 20 hrs, a cozy late Sunday afternoon affair in the company of flower bouquets, special cocktails and an excellent entourage!


€₡o₦o₼¥ Launch Samoa House Library

Samoa House Library, Auckland

24 March 2019 18:00 – 21:00

Samoa House Library is very excited to welcome Girls Like Us for the Auckland launch of Girls Like Us €₡o₦o₼¥ issue.

Come hear from Girls Like Us and have your nails painted at our nail bar, brought to you by Tomboys Don't Cry.

15% of Girls Like Us' sales will be donated to the fund for victims of the Christchurch terror attacks. Thank you to Beer Baroness who have kindly sponsored us with beer for the evening.


Launch Issue #11 Brussels

Brussels! You're very invited to the long awaited release of our newest instalment, THE €₡O₦O₼¥ ISSUE.
Come and join us in our new office for afternoon cocktails while cracking numbers. Drinks are served by Byrthe Lemmens and Sophie Kurpershoek, of Mothers and Daughters fame. ♥


third space cinema

Kask Cinema, Ghent

15 FEBRUARI 2018 20:30

X-Ray: A next chapter of Girls Like Us' new-found love: the herstory, present and future of lesbian bars. This time in moving images. We will be showing Wu Tsang's WILDNESS and Kaucyila Brooke's THE BOY MECHANIC. Cocktails by the ever amazing Byrthe Lemmens. See you all there!


Mothers & Daughters A LESBIAN BAR

Beursschouwburg, Brussels

8, 15, 22 DECEMBER 2017

Well I was dancing at a nightclub one Friday night And that nightclub bar was a little uptight Yeah, I was dancing all alone a little self-conscious When some kids came up and said “for dancing come with us.” And soon…

I was dancing in a lesbian bar, ah-oo, ah-oo I was dancing in a lesbian bar, ooh, ooh, ooh – Jonathan Richman, “I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar”


Launch Issue #10 New York

Otherwild, New York

September 22 2017

Girls Like Us presents FUTURE, her new issue. We want a FUTURE that is fair, fun, furry, fabulous, fierce, free and not fucked up. We want A FUTURE that embraces weakness, where we come together, where we can lean on each other and stand strong. Come and join us for magazines, drinks, and a performance by Andrea Liu, a contributor to Kandis Williams’ publication re:Furies featured in the new issue.


Launch Issue #10


September 2 2017

Buenos Tiempos, Int. waves and welcomes the London-built CAMPerVAN caravan to host the launch of a new issue of Girls Like Us magazine. We invite you to join us for this evening of events and good times.



XBANK, Amsterdam

July 30 – September 3 2017

As part of the Amsterdam Pride activities we designed a poster/quote wall, and printed a limited edition of posters to takeaway. A statement in pink-washing times. 


Launch Issue #9

Feeelings, Brussels

june 9 2017

Brussels! Come and celebrate the new issue with Us at Feeelings. Drinks, music by DJ Set, performances by Sabine Cmelniski, Azahara Ubera Biedma & Giulia Cenni and of course the new issue on Dance and Dancing!
Chaussée de Haecht 6, Saint Josse, Brussels from 6 - 10 PM.

Launch Issue #9

MoMA library, New York

June 6 2017

Magazine celebrations with readings and performances by Amelia Bande, Kim Brandt and Lydia Adler Okrent.
And a display of books, photos and flyers from the MoMA library collection.
MoMA library 4 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019 from 6.30 - 8.30pm


Printed Matter, New York

June 1 2017

Readings and performances by Svetlana Kitto, Yvonne Meier, Aki Sasamoto and Mariana Valencia 6 PM - 8 PM at Printed Matter, Inc. 231 11th Ave, New York, New York 10001 Followed by drinks and dancing 9pm until late at Henrietta Hudson 438 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014


Family Weekend

A St Médard, Brussels

May 13, 14 & 15, 2016

Dear Lovers, Sisters, Brothers, Mothers, Adopted Aunts, Long Lost Fathers, Half­cousins, Wives, Black Sheep and Partners In Crime,

We’re happy to announce the birth of a new issue –aptly themed FAMILY – which is seeing the light this weekend in Brussels.
We have a pretty pregnant programme...


End Of Year Folly

A St Médard, Brussels

December 18, 19 & 20, 2015

3 days celebrating the world of GIRLS LIKE US! FRIDAY DECEMBER 18: PEACHES Booksigning 5 PM - 8 PM SATURDAY DECEMBER 19: Shop & Party SHOP: 12 AM - 6 PM & PARTY: 9 PM - 2 AM SUNDAY DECEMBER 20: Brunch & Film 12 AM- 5 PM ONGOING: GIRLS LIKE US MAGAZINE (all issues) GIRLS LIKE US T-SHIRTS (new edition) GIRLS LIKE US TOTES (new batch) MINI LIBRARY (zines, mags & books from sisterhood) KUTT MAGAZINE (rare issues) BAR (Vedett, Fevertree, Absolut) CURIOSA from the GIRLS LIKE US family


Designing a Feminist Future

Vancouver Art Gallery Library

October 17, 2015

A presentation at the Vancouver Art Book Fair 2015, by graphic designers Sara Kaaman and Stina Löfgren. Founded in 2005, the magazine has gone through several incarnations—both visually and editorially. And now, to celebrate its 10th year of existence, we suggest yet another way to frame the content, where personal stories and essays meet vanguard visuals. What are the legacies and her-stories in feminist self-publishing? How can we visualize the collective process of the making of Girls Like Us? And in a world saturated with form and image, which tools can we use to create content that stirs and affects?



Minibar, Stockholm

December 9, 2015

GIRLS LIKE US magazine finally lands in Stockholm with a crispy physical issue nr 7. Join us for a celebration at Minibar Artistspace at 6PM Wednesday December 9th! At 7PM we'll screen the film "Picaresques" by Mariah Garnett, and at 8.30PM Vaska Fimpen, the punk queen alter ego of our favorite artist Iris Smeds, will play some songs on the theme "Sad Pony / Hot Legs".




September 25, 2015

We're so happy to share with you GIRLS LIKE US Issue Nr. 7: BODY 120 pages exploring the body and bodies, inside out and outside in. Bodies that dance and move. Bodies making waves. Body double. Bodies at work and working with the body. Using the body as an instrument. The body as medium and massage of touch and being touched. The single, singular body as the very basis for a ‘we’.


French Kisses

District, Berlin

September 18, 2015

We celebrate the Berlin premiere of the new issue of GIRLS LIKE US, themed BODY. For the launch event, contributor to the issue, the New York based artist and fame of Berlin's greatest Kotti-Shop Annette Knol will show materials of her ongoing research of "Lesbian Hands". The launch is part of the 4-day gathering called FRENCH KISSES: On Tips of Tongues, and Feeling as Taste, hosted by the Side Room (Amal Alhaag, & Girls Like Us co-editor Maria Guggenbichler) and District Berlin in various locations across the city of Berlin. For the launch at FRENCH KISSES we extend our invitation to the "B2B DJ set" for everyone to play kissing songs, songs to kiss to, songs that make people kiss, songs that are kisses, and kisses that are songs.




March 7, 2015

Unfiltered is back for an evening full of celebrating all things female! Live performances by Zhala and Echo & Seashell, DJ-sets by Mylou Oord (featuring Riet Wijnen), DJ Lynnée Denise and Boris Becker plus B2B DJ chain with the DJ Workshop for Women. Lost Property presents Masha Tupitsyn’s ‘Love Sounds’. Cocktails by Byrthe Lemmens (courtesy of Absolut) and decoration by Felicia von Zweigbergk.




December 11, 2014

Amsterdam launch of Girls Like Us #6 (SECRETS), at artist’s bookshop San Serriffe. With the slide projection ‘Art History’ (2011) by Sara van der Heide, who’s been extensively featured in the magazine over the past years.

Launch ISSUE #6

Fontainas, BRUSSELS

December 7, 2014

Brussels launch of Girls Like Us #6 (SECRETS) at bar Fontainas. Silver Swallows, the Sunday afternoon teadance at Fontainas invites Girls Like Us to celebrate with them. DJ-set by DEBBY DEB (Acidulez!)




September 26, 2014

A celebration in pink on the occasion of Lily van der Stokker’s show ‘HUH’ at Koenig & Clinton. Lily is featured in Girls Like Us #5 signed copies of the magazine are available for sale.



A rooftop, BRUSSELS

June 27, 2014

a rooftop terrace party to celebrate dykes, faggots, trans-feminists, zamis, fag hags, gay muses, queens, witches, kings, latina bitches and friends; for the joy of faggotry as it is today. In collaboration with Buenos Tiempos, Int., the great artist collective.

DJ sets by M + C, Benoît Rafhay and Jess the Lez Video by Lars Laumann Crop-tops by Buenos Tiempos Int.




July 3, 2014

A hot salon hosted by Girls Like Us.

Summer! Half of the word summer consists of the word mer, which in Swedish means more, and in French means sea, both good, and occasions salty. And what is then the sum of summer? A drink perhaps? w. ice. Mosquito bites. Tan lines. Autobahns. Sunstrokes. Sweaty towels. Sanded thoughts. Friday! Half of the word Friday consists of day, and half of the day is the evening, and I promise you this will be a good one.


A modernist evening

Kunstverein, AMSTERDAM

June 18, 2014

Girls Like Us is hosting an evening at Kunstverein Amsterdam on the occasion of 'Complicity', a show by Susanne M. Winterling that explores the modernist feminist networks around writer Carson McCullers, architect Eileen Gray, artist Annemarie Schwarzenbach and painter Romaine Brooks.



La Meute, Brussels

May 23, 2014

Brussels-based shop La Meute presents Girls Like Us magazine, Mapping Queer Feminist Utopias. All issues on display–selection of Girls Like Us paraphernalia–limited edition of back issues available.


Welcome to the new girl order

La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

April 22–25, 2014


Come hear us talk at Libros Mutantes, this afternoon at 7 PM. Libros Mutantes at La Casa Encendida in the really nice company of Ponytale Magazine, Novembre Magazine, I Love Paper, FUET Magazine and Fanzine Bulbasaur.



De Balie, Amsterdam

March 7, 2014

Subbacultcha! and Girls Like Us present a night full of fearless, feminist rhapsodies spearheaded by PLANNINGTOROCK (live). PTR is the art & sound project of Berlin-based, Bolton-born artist Jam Roll, whose contorted electronica, enigmatic vocals and striking imagery are anything but straight-laced. PTR is supported by RROXYMORE (live) and James K (live). Fiery beats by Berlin Creamcake, Kristy Foom (aka Modern Witch) and the fabulous Boris Becker. During the evening Girls Like Us will present their new issue featuring, amongst many other inspiring women, Jam Rostron aka PLANNINGTOROCK.



Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam

November 23, 2013

We happily invite you to the second edition of UNFILTERED, a get together on Sat. Nov. 23 with our friends from Butcher’s Tears. With a smashing live performance by KENJI MINOGUE, Belgium’s premium pop-newbeat-electro duo with a Flemish tongue. With music by Strange Boutique, Boris Becker, Jess the Lez and Mylou Oord and amazing cocktails by Byrthe Lemmens. We also launch a new edition of our famous Girls Like Us t-shirt, designed by Felicia von Zweigbergk. Come and dance with us!


Queer Zine Panel Discussion

Witte de With, ROTTERDAM

September 5, 2013

AA Bronson (b. 1946, Vancouver) is both artist and curator, subject and object, in this hybrid project that includes his recent solo work, his collaborations with younger artists, and works by friends, both queer and not. Also included are two of his curatorial projects: Queer Zines, incorporating more than 100 queer zines from the punk era until today; and Ancestors, a personal archive of books, editions, and ephemera that form a fragmentary and incoherent historical underpinning to the overall project.


Paper Weight

Haus der Kunst, Münich

July 12 – October 27, 2013

Installation at the exhibition Paper Weight (Haus der Kunst, Münich) curated by Girls Like Us friend and collaborator Felix Burrichter, the editor of PIN-UP magazine. The exhibition offers a fresh look at independent publishing in the twenty-first century that focuses on 15 international, independent magazines that have originated over the past 13 years. Each stands out as a forerunner of broader cultural shifts or movements.


Paper Weight Party

Kunstverein, Münich

July 12 2013

Opening event "door between either & or" at Kunstverein Münich hosted by k.m · Kys™ · CREAMCAKE · GIRLS LIKE US ᴘʀᴇsᴇɴᴛ LAFAWNDAH (PARIS), ʀROXYMORE (BERLIN), ARCA (US, HIPPOS IN TANKS), TOKYO HANDS (US, DONKY PITCH) and LARRY & YONG (B, CREAMCAKE).



October 4, 2013

The inaugural edition of UNFILTERED – an evening of oozing smoke, handcrafted neon, clinking glasses and dance to the beat. Girls Like us teams up with Butcher’s Tears, the best independent brewery from Amsterdam. Featuring DJ sets by Boris Becker, Jenny Woolworth, Kristy Fenton and Jess the Lezz. Nice cocktails by Byrthe Lemmens, courtesy of Absolut.




May 11, 2013




Frank, Oslo

September 1, 2012

Girls Like Us Magazine at Frank. Ever changing borders, formats, and je ne sais pas quoi of utterly boring lesbian, straight and feminist clichés past and beyond, Girls Like Us magazine is an international, independent magazine focusing on great personalities and unique visions, people who manage to live their lives on their own terms, changing society from within. Girls Like Us started out as a queer/lesbian publication, but over the years it has opened up to feature interesting women in general, all the while sticking to its lesbian roots.


LAUNCH ISSUE #3 part 2


May 20, 2012

Informal / intimate launch afternoon at the W139 with a filmscreening, some talks and easy drinks. More info on that soon! There will be drinks and snacks and we'll be screening Ryan Trecartin's 'Sibling Topics', a movie which features artist Lizzie Fitch who's interviewed in the new issue. For some post-gender 3D internet crazyness, a must see.

LAUNCH ISSUE #3 part 1


May 18, 2012

GIRLS LIKE US NEW ISSUE LAUNCH AT LONDON CALLING! This issue talks about generations so we're very happy we got invited to host this new wave of female noise brut. Please come and dance with us. LIVE: Austra, Trust, Au Palais, Evian Christ
DJs: Love on the Beat, Lady Jane, Strange Boutique



May 26, 2012

Chit chat with Devrim Bayad and Jessica Gysel.


Girls Like Us X FRINGE


April 14, 2012

Short film screening and discussion on the theme of queer generations hosted by the magazine Girls Like Us. The afternoon will bring together films from around the world along with a discussion between GLU editor Jessica Gysel and Lisa Gornick – artist, filmmaker and star of inter-generational lez drama The Owls. Girls Like Us paraphernalia will be on sale throughout the day along with a sneak peek of the new issue!


Girls To The Front!

Meneer Malasch, AMSTERDAM

March 19, 2012

Girls LIke Us, LOVER & Open Series present: Girls To The Front! A tribute to the RIot Grrrl movement featuring:
Lecture by Sara Marcus (author of the essential Riot Grrrl anthem 'Girls To The Front'), followed by Q&A.
Videos by Sadie Benning, Elisabeth Subrin & Dara Greenwald
Live performance by Ztratila Se Kocka (FR/NL)
Dirty Dancing with Love On The Beat (SP) & Yes, Chef! (NYC/AX)
DIY sounds, scenes, zines, art & surprises!




February 25, 2012

Please join us for a girl allnighter featuring LA CHATTE (live), ANIKA, STELLAR OM SOURCE, STRANGE BOUTIQUE and FATIMA SUPREME. We'll be hosting De Verdieping, while Sandrien is playing upstairs. BIG FUN! Note! LA CHATTE performs at midnight, make sure to come on time! And a special thank you to Red Bull for the support!



Meneer Malasch, AMSTERDAM

December 16, 2011

Come and join us for a night over great performances and a little dance too! SOPHIE (London) Light Asylum protégé SOPHIE is a London-based musician and producer. SOPHIE’s music spins you upside down, dips you in water, flashes strobe lights at you, takes you on a slow incline to the peak and then drops you vertically down a smoky tunnel. It’s dance music that sounds very new and very high definition while at the same time hinting towards the familiar with a nostalgic streak. SOPHIE performed in different clubs and art spaces in both Europe and America and has an album coming out on London’s Huntley and Palmers label in January 2012.



Le 9b, PARIS

November 25, 2011

Girls Like Us in collaboration with Barbi(e)turix presents the official aftershow of No Bra, the German ex-London now New York based performer with no bra.


Gallery Vijzelstraat, AMSTERDAM

August 2, 2011

The opening of the Girls Like Us Pride 2011 installation at the vitrines of Vijzelstraatmuseum. Come and join us for a Bloody or Virgin Mary, made with love by Vivian 'Marry Me' Ziherl, some nice music and good company.




June 2, 2011

Please join us for a new Girls Like Us happening, featuring COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER, a lezzie porn movie and LIGHT ASYLUM, a haunting band. We start the evening with the Dutch premiere of COMMUNITY ACTION CENTER, a 69-minute sociosexual video by artists A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner. The movie - set in the larger surroundings of New York, is inspired by 60s and 70s male gay porn and moves away from porn cliches such as prefab dildo's and butch fucks femme in police uniform. Instead, the video fucks with all the tropes and in the end is erotic, funny, weird and perverse.


At La Machinerie Paris

At La Machinerie Paris



April 21, 2011

Come and join us for the new Girls Like Us magazine release party, organised in collaboration with adidas. We invited a bunch of our friends to perform so we proudly announce:

Ingie Pop Venus X (GHE20 G0TH1K) Dynasty Handbag No Bra (Live PA) Light Asylum (DJ set)




February 6, 2010

Come and join us on Saturday February 6 for the Berlin release of the freshly revamped Girls Like Us magazine. Starting at Motto Berlin store and continuing at Maria Peligro, the yummie Mexican opposite the street. Would be nice to see you there!




January 15, 2010

Girls Like Us New Issue Release Party Featuring A showcase by Phoebe Jean, gorgeous darling of the Parisian scene and a hot tub performance by Vicky & Ron Get down in the basement with Katja Novi, Qui Yang, Mr. Koen Nutters, Stabilo Boss and BoomVelaBoom Boogie woogie upstairs with Natalia, Polly F and TESSisMORE//When Harry Met Sally

GLU Summer Gayness Bash


July 10, 2009

featuring: Kim-Ann Foxman (of Hercules & Love Affair) Lady Jane (Catclub Brussels) Mylittlesoundsystem Jess the Lez Nutella Supported by Rooms of Red Bull

Launch Issue #10


Buenos Tiempos, Int. waves and welcomes the London-built CAMPerVAN caravan to host the launch of a new issue of Girls Like Us magazine. We invite you to join us for this evening of events and good times.

The festivities will unfold as follows:

5 p.m. onwards
Drink, snack, DISSS-CO, soak in an image series on queer time by Liz Allan, and have a first look at the brand new issue of Girls Like Us, themed FUTURE: a FUTURE that is fair, fun, furry, fabulous, fierce, free and not fucked up. A FUTURE that embraces weakness, where we come together, where we can lean on each other and stand strong.

6 p.m.
In the Handshake Workshop, Emily from Hacking with Care will share some massage basics and guide you through a selection of moves to take care of each other’s hands and fortify friendships, as featured in the new issue of Girls Like Us. (fully booked)

7.30 p.m.
Buenos Tiempos, Int. premiers Total Eclipse, an adaptation of the story of the sojourn of Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine in Brussels, costumed in 20th century fashions, with material selected from various literature and a pop song.

8.30 p.m.
Music mixed by Marnie Slater and Ill Syll.

10.30 p.m.
The CAMPerVAN trio brings a spectacular mélange of gender-bending performance drama with action, fantasy and live stunts that take drag into another dimension….

For the address and to RSVP send an e-mail to:

Please, help us to create a safer space for dykes, trans folks, faggots, trans-feminists, intersex, zamis, fag hags, gay muses, queens, witches, kings and friends.